Runescape Magic Training Guide 2012
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Runescape Magic Training Guide 2012

This Runescape Magic Guide walks you through the efficient F2P ways of training magic as well as P2P methods of training magic. It goes through recommended items you should alchemy and also lists other useful ways to train magic. The article also lists other facts you may not have known including alternative methods for those bored of traditional magic training.

Most people know that training magic is expensive and takes long repetitive hours of constant alchemising or ice barraging, but are there other ways of training for both F2P and P2P while making it more interesting? Read on to learn more. It's advisable for some members to also look at the F2P section for the basic info and other tips.

F2P Methods:


Alchemy is perhaps the best form of training magic for F2P. While 59 may be the max for some, it is still worth getting a high magic level as your magic attacks become more accurate, and something people didn't know - it raises your magic defense. So that's 2 perks for one skill. This is why alchemy provides a cheap way of getting your magic up. It is always beneficial to use a fire staff and just buy nature runes.

Each alchemy takes about 3 seconds to cast, so in an hour, after reducing lag time and other issues such as chat, you can realistically gain 75k experience per hour. Below is an image of where you should ideally place your item to alchemy.

There is no definite item whereby you can make a profit because prices are always changing, but here is a list of recommended items you may wish to alchemy.

Adamant Plate-body - 58gp profit

Adamant Longsword - 13gp profit

Adamant 2H - 143gp profit

Rune Longsword - 125gp profit

Rune plate-skirt - 414gp

Good areas to alchemy would preferably be non populated areas with low lag so that you can train efficiently. However,many people may find this boring so you could go to other areas including Lumbridge, Varrock, Clan Wars, Skilling Areas - Fishing port in Karamja, willows in Draynor.

Fist Of Guthix:

Most people probably have discovered by now that Fist Of Guthix gives less magic experience than it used to, however this is still a decent way of training magic as well as giving you tokens on which you can make money from. Though it is more recommended for lower levels as it grants free runes, high levels can take advantage of using fire blast against their foes while still gaining experience. This method is more recommended for those who are either bored of high alchemy or want to try something new.

Normal Training:

Training against monsters like hill and moss giants is useful as you can collect their big bones for prayer experience and most of the time, it is relatively easy because there are safe spots. Lesser demons and cockroaches are also an option, though perhaps for more higher levels rather than pures.

P2P Methods:


Unlike F2P alchemy, members have a wealth of options regarding items. Here is a list of useful items you can use for alchemy.

God shard 2/3 - 1,005gp/1,109gp

Mystic Fire Staff - 214gp

Mystic Robe Top - 614gp

As well as additional choice of items, there are also more areas open to members where they may wish to train. Notable places include the wall near Castle Wars, Soul Wars as it has no random events, POH for its recognition of having no lag and other mini game areas.

Other Non Combat Methods:

There are other ways which involve the lunar spell book, for example you may choose to use the spell plank make. There are also a variety of other ways including alchemising in dungeoneering, though this is extremely slow as it only gives 6.5 experience per cast compared to the normal 65. However, these alternative methods often cost less than other methods and so may be used if you are short of money.

Ice Spells:

While barrage is expensive and requires 94, it provides a very fast method of getting to 99. The speed at which you can attack enemies specially in areas such as Ape Atoll Dungeon and places where you get "swarmed".

The former ice spell, ice burst is also useful as it is cheaper and for added experience or fun, it may also be used in Soul Wars.

Mini Games:

Pest Control and Soul Wars give the best rate of experience for any mini game. The D&D circus is also very useful as you can get 30k experience each week. The higher your level, the more experience you gain per zeal in Soul Wars and per point in Pest Control. Therefore, if you have nearly levelled, it's very worthwhile to go the extra step before using your hard earned points for extra experience.

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